Sound Development City

Sound Development City is an annual three-week expedition to two European cities for artists from all disciplines and from around the world. The 4th edition took place in Belgrade and Athens from September 9 - 27, 2015. The 5th edition will take place in late summer 2016.
This website makes the editions' cycles visible by gathering and sorting content from a variety of sources. During the expeditions, the participating artists, an expedition writer and the team feed the website and build an ever growing archive of artistic fragments, research documents and fleeting encounters.

Sound Development City gives artists time – time for processes to develop, for experimentation, for taking new paths – but also going astray, and for detecting and discovering the unexpected.

Each year in late summer, Sound Development City organizes a three-week expedition to two European cities. Ten selected artists working on individual projects are part of the expedition team. Every year new cities are chosen. The Sound Development City participants are selected through an open call for projects. It is geared towards artists working in all disciplines and from all over the world who distinguish themselves through a process-oriented approach to their work, their curiosity and an explorative mindset.

Sound Development City is an adventure, a place for experimentation, and a research lab, and it offers a productive environment for exchange and collaboration. The artist expedition sets off into foreign urban and cultural spaces, in order to strike new paths and break new ground. Here, work theses can be examined, new project ideas or forms of expression can be tried out and bold visions can be put into practice.

Sound Development City was initiated by the private and non-commercial cultural initiative Sound Development in 2012 and was developed in collaboration with Heller Enterprises, an agency for cultural projects. The project is financed by Sound Development and organized by Heller Enterprises.

Sound Development is an independent an privately funded platform which has been launched by Nia Schmidheiny in 2002.

Through the experimental format of Sound Development City, Sound Development aims to give artists the opportunity to realize trans-disciplinary projects. For Sound Development, personal encounters and collaborative work play a key role in developing new ideas – away from academic or institutional settings, Sound Development offers open space to let the unexpected happen and encourage a “culture in the open”.

«Sound Development connects and supports unconventional people and ideas.»

«Sound Development sounds out new interfaces between philosophy and art.»

«Sound Development produces and supports cultural projects in the open.»

Heller Enterprises is resposible for the concept and realization of Sound Development City.

Heller Enterprises initiates, develops and accompanies cultural projects of various kinds. Founded in 2003 by Martin Heller, the company accepts research, conceptional and planning mandates. We are responsible for the artistic substance in form and content in exhibitions, cultural events, festivals and similar formats. Whenever possible, we adopt a cross-disciplinary approach along the interfaces of culture, the economy and politics.

A Sound Development project.